some poems available online

Magma Poetry Competition 2021/2022 Zodiac is a Proprietary Eponym

Poets Reading the News (2021) Kerchief

Magma 76 – ‘Resistencia’ (2020) Ghazal for a Marginal Sea

The Rumpus (2019) Skyline with Rape Victim

Crab Orchard Review Vol. 24 No. 2 (2019) Month of Honey

American Poetry Journal 17 (2018) Quemadero, or Farewell to a Husband’s Homeland

About Place Journal Vol. V Issue II (2018) Lament of Schieffelin’s Starlings

Glass Poets Resist Series (2018) Declaration of the Lactating Woman

The Honest Ulsterman (June 2018) Júlia in Yellow

‘Bullets into Bells’ website (complement to the 2017 Beacon Press anthology of the same name) Elevenses

The Honest Ulsterman (February 2017) Two Uses For Young Rabbit; Minor Evolutions

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